22nd Conference on Current Trends in Computational Chemistry

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The 22nd CCTCC program is now available. This CCTCC meeting will gather plenary lectures by thirteen invited speakers who have made prominent contributions to the field of computational and quantum chemistry. It will also provide the opportunity to all members of our community, researchers and students, to present and discuss their work through several poster sessions. Contributions in all areas of methods development and applications in theoretical chemistry are welcome.  The format consists of a series of (invited) plenary lectures and poster presentations covering applications as well as theory. Please check this site periodically for more updates.

Registration after September 1st, 2013

$ 400.00 – Faculty & post-docs

$ 200.00 – Students

Important Date:

Abstract submission deadline is September 10, 2013.

Invited Speakers Include:

T. Carrington, Queens University, Canada

David Close, East Tennessee State University, TN, USA

Frank Hagelberg, East Tennessee State University, TN, USA

Michael McKee, Auburn University, AL, USA

Jane Murray, CleveTheoComp, Ohio, USA

Michele Pavanello, Rutgers University, New Jersey USA

M. Pettitt, University of Houston, Texas, USA

Peter Pulay, University of Arkansas, AR, USA

Tomasz Puzyn, University of Gdansk, Poland

Matthew Reuter, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, TN, USA

Joan-Emma Shea, University of California Santa Barbara, CA, USA

E. Schwegler, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, CA, USA












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