The 2017 Summer Experience at ICN


2017 ICN Summer School at Jackson State University is open to students from around the country and the world and we invite you to come and study in a welcoming environment that appreciates diversity and global perspectives.
We are proud to present this year’s rich array of programs. We will be hosting the “STEM Amazing Race” which will comprise the following activities. Each week will culminate with a competition. JROTC Staff and instructors are welcome to attend any of the judging days (Thursdays) per the attached ICN Summer Institute 2017 Calendar.

ICN Summer School`s Activities
Week 1: 3D Challenge – Students will travel to the University of Southern MS to visit the Polymer Center and experience the latest technologies in 3D printing. They will return and compete in building their own 3D model of a selected molecule.

Week 2: Mobile Application Development: Students will learn the basics of web creation and design.  Students will work on the creation of simple click-through diagrams or highly functional, rich prototypes with conditional logic, dynamic content, animations and data-driven interactions and will compete afterward for the best presentation of their mobile application.

Week 3: Animal Science: Students will go on a scavenger hunt at the zoo to learn the importance of animal life in our ecosystem. Students will contribute to the well-being of our animal life by creating an enrichment device to help animals lead a healthy existence at our local Jackson Zoo.

Week 4: Children’s Science Book: Students will learn the basic elements of a scientific topic by creating a fun and engaging science book for kids. Student books will be judged by our Kids College participants (Ages 6-9) at our College of Education and Human Development.

Week 5: Space Challenge: Students will visit the Planetarium for the showing “Back to the Moon for Good” and will compete for the best “virtual” idea or device to reach the moon.

Week 6: Food Challenge: Students will learn and calculate the basics and benefits of a daily healthy diet. Students will compete by creating a healthy snack on-site and will be judged on creativity, nutritional value, and taste.

ICN Summer Institute 2017 Calendar

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