Abstract Submission for a Poster Presentation

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Where the abstract should be send to:
Submit your abstract:  cctcc24@icnanotox.org. The subject line should be “Abstract submission”

The following requirements apply to the abstract format:

  • The font of the abstract should be Times New Roman.
  • The title should be 14 pts bold. Authors should be 12 pts bold. Affiliation and text 12 pts. Do NOT USE ALL CAPITALS in the title or anywhere else in the abstract!
  • There should be one empty line between title and authors, and between authors and affiliation.
  • There must be at least one empty line between affiliation and text of the abstract.
  • All page margins should be 1.0″ (2.5 cm).
  • The abstract must not exceed 2 pages.
  • All figures in the abstract should be in line with text (not floating) AND inserted as one single figure (not combined of several pieces).
  • DO NOT add text boxes or any drawings in Word over or next to the pictures. All text should be included in the inserted picture by the graphics program used to create the figure.
  • Poster dimensions: not to exceed 36″ x 42″.

Microsoft Word format version 2003 or later is accepted.

After receiving your abstract we will immediately send you the e-mail acknowledging the receipt of your abstract. If you do not receive the acknowledgment within few hours, then we did not receive your abstract.

Absolutely no abstract will be accepted in other than electronic form. Incorrectly formatted abstracts will be rejected.

Attention! All participants (not all authors in the abstracts) must submit their photographs in digital format so that they could be included together with address in the List of Participants section of the Conference Proceedings. Please, upload your pictures along with the abstract. If you have participated in one of our conferences before and you want to use the same picture for the current one, please do nothing.

Picture requirements:

1. Any PC format is acceptable.
2. The size of the picture should be at least 250 x 250 pixels.
3. The picture should clearly show the face of the participants.
If you have any questions, e-mail us at cctcc24@icnanotox.org.

Venue: Hilton Hotel, Jackson, USA


CCTCC Secretariat
Interdisciplinary Center for Nanotoxicity, Jackson State University
Contact: Galina Lobodina | (601) 979-3980 | galina@icnanotox.org
Contact: Dr. Shonda Allen| (601) 979-3723 | shonda@icnanotox.org.