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W.a Kolodziejczyk, J.a Jodkowski, T.M.b d Holmes, G.A.c Hill

Conformational analysis of flephedrone using quantum mechanical models (Journal Article)

Journal of Molecular Modeling, 19 (3), pp. 1451-1458, 2013, ISSN: 16102940, (cited By 1).

(Abstract | Links | BibTeX | Tags: 2 fluoromethcathinone; 3 fluoromethcathinone; 4 fluoromethcathinone; cathinone; flephedrone; unclassified drug, Alkaloids; Amphetamines; Designer Drugs; Molecular Conformation; Propiophenones; Psychotropic Drugs; Static Electricity, article; chemical structure; conformational transition; crystal structure; density functional theory; isomerism; priority journal; quantum chemistry; quantum mechanics; static electricity; thermodynamics)