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J.a b Saloni, K.b Walker, G.b Hill Jr.

Theoretical investigation on monomer and solvent selection for molecular imprinting of nitrocompounds (Journal Article)

Journal of Physical Chemistry A, 117 (7), pp. 1531-1534, 2013, ISSN: 10895639, (cited By 1).

(Abstract | Links | BibTeX | Tags: 2, 4-dinitrotoluene; 2, 4-DNT; 2, 6 dinitrotoluene (2, 6 dnt); 2-vinylpyridine; Aromatic molecules; Binding energy analysis; Dicamba; Methyl methacrylates; Molecular imprinting; Molecularly Imprinted Polymer; Nitro-compounds; Solvent effects; Solvent selection; Theoretical investigations, Acetone; Acetonitrile; Aldehydes; Binding energy; Density functional theory; Esters; Explosives detection; Herbicides; Methanol; Monomers; Phenols; Solvents, Organic solvents)