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Hwang H.-M. Dasari T.P.

Effect of humic acids and sunlight on the cytotoxicity of engineered zinc oxide and titanium dioxide nanoparticles to a river bacterial assemblage (Journal Article)

Journal of Environmental Sciences (China), 25 (9), pp. 1925–1935, 2013.

(Abstract | Links | BibTeX | Tags: article; bacterium; chemistry; classification; humic substance; microbiology; oxidative stress; river; sunlight; transmission electron microscopy, Bacteria, Bacteria; Humic Substances; Metal Nanoparticles; Microscopy, Bacterial assemblages; Completely randomized designs; Humic acid; Median Lethal concentration; Method of least squares; Reactive oxygen species; Titanium dioxide nanoparticles; Zinc oxide nanoparticles, bacterium; concentration (composition); experimental study; humic acid; nanotechnology; oxidation; titanium; toxicity; zinc, Biological materials; Cytotoxicity; Enzyme immobilization; Irradiation; Least squares approximations; Metal ions; Nanoparticles; Organic acids; Oxides; Oxygen; Rivers; Titanium dioxide; Toxicity; Zinc oxide, Electron, metal nanoparticle; titanium; titanium dioxide, Suwannee River; United States, Transmission; Oxidative Stress; Rivers; Sunlight; Titanium; Water Microbiology)