UM RII seminar class

Dear colleagues and students,

We are happy to announce and to invite you to participate in our graduate seminar class that has started on January 24-th. SEEG will run this seminar series 3 other universities: the University of Mississippi, University of Wyoming and University of Delaware. The seminar will be video streamed live to all participating universities. The seminar theme is Sustainability in Water/Energy/Food (WEF) Nexus. Cutting edge scientific discoveries, their technological implications and current societal issues in WEF will be presented by leading researchers in the fields. Your attendance will be welcome. Students currently supported by the NSF WEF project are required to take it. Please feel free to distribute the attached flyer and encourage students (upper undergraduate and graduate) to attend the seminars. Students who take the course will be asked to make a short presentation (7 min) at the end, and submit a short report about their thoughts or research on a subject related to WEF nexus (but different from their thesis work).